The knowledge of african wax fabric. -- (1) Yarn count

Views: 390 Aug 23 2018

For each one who are interested in this business, the first thing is to find out all specification of wax fabric.

The price depends on the quality, the quality lies in the yarn count of fabric.

① 24/24:The normal quality in African. More than 50% African choose this quality because of his price;

② 24/21 :  The quality is better than 24/24, fabric more thick, the price is a little higher. 

③ 28/28 :  high-end product. The fabric is very thick, soft, very good handfeel. The people in West Africa prefer this quality.

④ 40/40 :  High-end product. The fabric is very tight, solid, non-transparent, which attract the people who focus on the very high quality.