Item No.062212 Chinese supplier direct price custom traditional super wax print fabric

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Fob price:                  Usd0.80—Usd1.50 per yard (The price depends on the quantity purchased!)

Port of shipment:       Qingdao port, China (The other ports require pay the additional cost!)

Min Order Quantity: 6000-9000yards per design (The M.O.Q depends on the design quantity!)

Payment term:           T/T remittance, Dollar Cash, L/C, Western union, Moneygram, Alipay   

Supply type:               According to our sample pictures production.

                                  Or according to the sample provided by the buyer for production.

Handfeel:                   The surface of the cloth is smooth、soft.

Colour fastness:         After repeated washing will not fade.

Material:                   100% cotton

Production origin:     Shandong, China

Group purchase instructions?

If you like this design, but the quantity needed is less than our min. order, you can launch the group purchase after pay a small amount of deposit.

The group purchase available date is decided by the date on the platform. When the first group purchase launched, other buyers who need also this design can launch group purchase same as you in one month. 

At the end, if the group purchase reach the quantity, we will produce this design immediately, complet in the week, and then arrange the delivery successively; if not reach the quantity, we will return the deposit of the buyers and cancel this group purchase. Or you can ask to keep the deposit, re-launch purchase buy. 

You can consult the above Purchase group information as reference, please click more for the basic information of the buyers. 

The min. quantity for group purchase is 600 yards, the quantity you buy has to be multiples of 600 yards, for exemple 600/1200/1800/2400 yards.

Inquiry instructions?

If you like this design, and your purchase quantity meets to our requirement of min. order, you can click Buy Now directly. After received your deposit, we will arrange the production of this design immediately.

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Company strength

We provide all kinds of real wax fabric/ super wax fabric/ java wax fabrichollandais wax fabric.

Our market is mainly in africa/ Europe and North America. 

We are the most powerful factories in China, we can provide high-quality and price-competitive products!


Our products are 100% cotton products. We use high quality cotton, guarantee the product quality!   

Our factory and world many well-known brands to establish strategic cooperative relations, to provide them with quality products.


Product specification list

You can produce any design according to following different fabrics. Our product packaging is 600yards per bale.


Product detail



★ If you have your own production requirement (designmaterial/ colour/ handfeeltrademark), 

we offer a full range of services for you!

           Welcome to visit our factory, we will arrange your everything!!!



You can choose 6 yards per piece, 10 pieces per PVC bag, 10 PVC bags per bale!

Also can choose 12 yards per piece, 5 pieces per PVC bag, 10 PVC bags per bale!

Each piece of wax fabric is sticked with a set of trademark.

Trademark and packaging charge have been included in the quotation!

If you have other special packaging requirements, we can provide service for you.

Packaging detail picture: 


Super wax trademark: (For reference only)

super wax

Delivery time

About 15~20 days after receiving the deposit, if the quantity is more, we will actively coordinate to guarantee within the time limit to complete the contract.


You can choose sea shipping/air transport/express delivery. 

If you need our service, we can make sure the goods safety timely delivery to you.

We can also according to your request sent the goods to other parts of china.

Our partners: MAERSK / PIL / CMA / DELMAS





Your company can provide samples?

A1: Yes! We will provide free samples.


Can you provide factory stock products?

A2: We can provide 6yards or 12 yards/2 4yards/1-1.9yards stock products. But you can't choose any design, the design of sales is random. But we can provide basic product pictures for your reference. Just because of this, stock products are very cheap!


How can we trust product quality?

A3: We will provide the samples to you to check quality and also take you to visit our factory. Orders in production, you can come to the factory at any time for quality inspection.


Your company can provide sell on credit services?

A4: Our old guest will have enjoyed sell on credit services! New guests must deposit, but according to situation, we provided in the terms of payment 30-45days after shipment.


Why the price of some products in your company is a little more expensive than other company? 

 A5: Due to the different raw materials and production process, even for the same product, there can be a big difference in quality. So the price will be different! In china, if you want to get good quality products, at the same time you also want to get price of  inferior products, this is not possible, please be careful that you may be deceived! Our company is a long-term member of alibaba, we deliver the usd 200,000 credit deposit to alibaba. If we are not honest, we will have sanctions from alibaba. at the same time, alibaba will give compensation for your loss. We can promise that for the same product quality, our price is the most competitive! please don't be penny wise and pound foolish, choosing the right product.


How can i will get a good price?

A6: Firstly, you need to provide the purchase requirement in detail, quantity, quality requirements. It's better to provide the production samples. The more quantity  you buy, the better price will you get. our price includes logo cost and packaging cost.


If there is problem, how do you deal with?

A7: If ther is a quality problem, we will give you a refund and compensate all the losses arising from it!


Can we export from ningbo, guangzhou or other ports?

A8:You can! But you need to pay for transportation costs from qingdao prot to other portsBecause our export basical port is qingdao! From our factory to qingdao port transport costs and prot charges are free.