Super wax

Super-wax is made of an extra densely woven, fine and luxurious cotton fabric. Super-wax has a recognizable design signature that is different from Wax Block as it always features a two-coloured, natural and unique crackling effect. A third colour may be added to the print but without this crackling effect. This refers to the process of wax-based batik techniques, which gives the Super-wax prints their unique styles and reflect African pride and status. Super-wax designs are printed on both sides of the fabric (cotton cloth). The appealing pattern and unique colour combinations ensure that everyone can express their personality in their clothing. We use a unique collection of shades like yellow, blue, green, red, pink, purple, orange and brown. The fabrics are usually available in 6 yards/piece. The two selvedges always have the RONVITAL logo and the words SUPER-WAX repeated twice per yard. Shop the colourful design world of RONVITAL.Since 2000 we have been creating exclusive African wax fabrics in China that have influenced the African fashion landscape.

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